The Mid-South's Injured Federal Workers Provider

Who are we?

Cambridge Clinic, Inc. is an innovative medical and claims assistance provider that treats injured federal workers. Our doctors and case management team will strategically get you on the road to recovery and get your claim approved in a timely fashion. We deliver the convenience of the doctor's office without the wait time. We bring our doctors and nurses to your home for your convenience. By leveraging this service delivery model, our patients can concentrate on their recovery and not the hassle of the doctor's office. 

Why House Calls?

 Medical house calls allow our team of physicians and physical therapists to interact in an individualized fashion by providing better personalized treatment. This personalized treatment enables our physicians and physical therapists to develop a more in depth and comprehensive treatment package. We are bringing a staple of the past and mixing it with a little future to provide a medical experience centered around you, your recovery and  your convenience. 

Expert Claims Professionals

Cambridge Clinic medical professionals understand the hurdles that can come with claims procedures. We will stay proactive so that these hurdles are minimized. While patients and DOL doctors alike would love for the process to run seamlessly, this doesn’t always happen. That’s why we carefully move through each step of the process with you. Our team manages your claim daily so that we don’t miss anything that could slow you down or cause disruption in your claim. We provide you with free claims assistance as well as giving you personalized care and attention.  

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